Rent BMW X6

Renting the BMW X6 is one of the possible solutions for anyone looking for something more than the usual SUV. The German car has in fact a not so common aesthetics among the Sport Utility Vehicles.

Larger than the younger sister BMW X4, the SUV of the Munich house shares most of its design. The profile, in fact, is the result of a particular mixture between the elements of a coupé car and those of a Sport Utility Vehicle. The tapered tail, with the rear window strongly inclined, seems in fact more that of a sports car than that of an SUV, but the BMW X6 incorporates from the latter the massiveness of the shapes the and height from the ground, with the comfort that obviously comes from them.

The rental of the BMW X6, however, also provides a surprisingly dynamic car, thanks to its particular set-up.

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BMW X6 | Cod. 00B91
Technical details
Year: 2021
Fuel :
Gear :
Color : n.d.
Cubic Capacity (CC) : 4l
Power : 350
Acceleration : 5,2
Speed : 250
Doors : 5
Seats :
Tank : 75l