Rent Land Rover Discovery Sport

Renting the Land Rover Discovery Sport means choosing, among the SUVs of Land Rover, perhaps the most versatile one.

The Sport Utility Vehicle of the British house is medium-size, but does not exclude a large interior space and a modern and sporty design, thanks to the incisive headlights and the profile all in all tapered to be an SUV.
Although dimensions are not excessive, the Land Rover Discovery Sport surprises for the large space available. Not only do the passengers sit very comfortably, but there is also a really spacious boot. The SUV is then also available in a 7-seater version, obviously with the convenience of being able to fold the last two seats until they disappear completely.

The versatility of this car means that the rental of Land Rover Discovery Sport is particularly suitable for the most different uses: from a journey, because of the interior space, to everyday use, thanks to the adequate dimensions.

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Land Rover Discovery Sport
Land Rover Discovery Sport | Cod. 005BE
Technical details
Year: Last model
Fuel :
Gear :
Color : n.d.
Cubic Capacity (CC) : 2.000 cc
Power : 190 hp
Acceleration : 8,9 sec.
Speed : 188 Km/h
Doors : 4
Seats :
Tank : 65 lt.