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Driverso is the ideal place where you can make the reservation of your perfect choice, never so simple. If you are thinking about a versatile car that will suit many needs probably your perfect rental is an Audi Saloon, Audi A6 and Audi A8, as they have an outstanding  spacious 5-seat cabin with a large boot and you will feel extraordinary confortable. The Saloon is at the same time very practical for large family size, due to its five seats, comfort and easy access, and elegant for luxury connoisseurs, it is the ideal choice for both business and pleasure without any limits. The Audi SUV, all equipped with the famous transmission technologies Quattro permanent all-wheel drive that guarantee  outstanding traction, acceleration with virtually no slip, improved straight-line stability and an extraordinary driving pleasure. The Audi SUV is the perfect  choice of body type that suits many personal lifestyles. It combines an elevated driving position with a spacious and comfortable cabin, making it a real pleasure to drive. SUV models feature in four ranges each with its distinctive shape: the Q2, Q3, Q5 and Q7. Whatever model range your SUV belongs to, you would easily  find it on Driverso. Being the largest Audi SUV, the Q7 has seven seats over three rows, with ISOFIX child seat mounting available on all six passenger seats, and a 770-litre boot, giving it a highly practical nature. If you want to try the best sporty driving experience you will expect an adrenaline-fuelled feeling getting behind the wheel of the RS 3 Sportback, the RS 6 Avant or the unique R8 Coupé V10 plus. It will not essential to have high racing skills, you will not request to cornering or braking at speed, your usual and safe way of drive will allow you to taste the extraordinary experience to run with a real sports car. The quattro permanent all-wheel drive on the Audi R8 high-performance sports car has a pronounced rear-wheel bias and the basic power split is 85:15. If the rear wheels start to spin, an additional 15 percent is directed to the front in an instant. Otherwise If you will deeply taste the beautiful landscape along your trip, Audi TT range, enables open-top driving, thanks to its electric fabric roof. It’s the ideal body type if you want a choice between a quiet, relaxed drive when the roof is up and an exhilarating driving experience when the roof is down. We suggest to selected Cabriolet models feature electric wind deflector technology that reduces the draughts in the interior, ensuring great comfort. Renting an Audi is a unique experience, with Driverso it’s easy to make it come true.