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Select delivery/drop off date and time, and rent a a Mini in Europe! Driverso is the better way to rent a Mini, in few clicks you will be catapulted back through time in 1959 when a small car was launched as the Morris Mini Minor. Today’s Mini is for sure very different to that first car and in the last years, under the ownership of the BMW Group, the MINI, become bigger, and is just one of a wide range of models related to the first iconic model. If you are looking for something that is a hatchback, but at the same time provides the luxuries of a premium sedan then the right choice for you is certainly The Mini Cooper hatchback.
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The mini 5-door Hatch is only a little bit longer than the original, but imagine to get a lot more car, there’s enough space for 5 people and an extraordinary trunk of 278 litres. The car. The extra rear doors on the MINI 5-door Hatch fit perfectly with the exterior design and there isn’t any negative impact on its beautiful shape, the car still looks quite funky. When you are driving immersed in a beautiful landscape and out is nice, if you are on board of a MINI convertible than you can get a full view in few seconds, as this fantastic car is equipped with a 3-in1 convertible roof. Rent a MINI convertible in Europe has never been so easy and safe ever since Driverso is available.

Safety features are at their maximum level of attention, MINI convertible is equipped with a new invisible rollover protection system that is able to open immediately in case of emergency to protect all the passengers. Special mention should be made about the mini Clubman with its memorable and distinctive split doors characterized by the new horizontal lights, probably the most iconic rear of a car. Blending the urban and the country world you arrive to the MINI Countryman ALL4 with its excellent road handling and true off-road nature. You can stay in control whatever conditions you have to afford, the four-wheel drive system distributes the power dynamically between the front and rear calculating the optimal torque for each wheel.

The Mini Countryman is the more spacious MINI but surely is not the less elegant. Driverso enables to compare whatever model you desire, inspiring from your trip if you choose to rent a Mini you get the best way to move through sweeping landscape. In 2016 we reach the third generation of MINI under BMW ownership, the models are getting bigger every time, but they are also getting better being equipped with features that represent the state of the art in the automotive industry. The quality moved step forward but the design remained the same of the small car that was launched sixty years ago.