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Luxury Vans, with their spacious interiors and their integrated cockpits, represent the maximum expression in terms of comfort and ergonomic technology applied to cars so that renting a luxury Van becomes synonymous with traveling in relax
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Rear Sliding doors, folding and removable rear seats, allow to bring the comfort level to an unprecedented standard and grant seats up to 8 passengers with an easy access also in uncomfortable situations. Mercedes Benz Viano and Mercedes Benz Vito are actually the symbols of the category and through them the German manufacturer characterized by the renowned emblem of the three pointed stars, combines elegance and comfort with fundamental elements of functionality so that renting a luxury van means almost automatically to choose among the models of the German brand. Mercedes Benz Vans have always been able to meet the customer needs, thanks to 3 optional sizes to choose from, stowed and removable seats that grant you to readapt freely the layout of the second of the 3 rows of passengers seats. Accordingly to this, renting a Mercedes Benz Van means to hire a vehicle largely adaptable to satisfy any request. Mercedes Benz Class V has exceeded its quality standard, not only maintaining the previous functional features but also improving the level of quality and design. If you don’t want to give up your sporty soul, the V-Class Sport is a haven of space and comfort with a dynamic flair, it is equipped with 18" alloy wheels in 5-twin-spoke design and  offers the Agility Control comfort suspension as well as LED head and tail lamps. Inside, you’ll find black leather with an anthracite wave-look trim that perfectly matches the sporty theme. Among the vans, besides the ones of the German brand, we have to mention also the Voyagers built by Chrysler and Lancia. These 2 vans have in common not only the name, but more importantly a sophisticated design and a spacious and integrated cockpit that grant you to accommodate up to 7 passengers with a last row totally removable in order to guarantee the maximum of flexibility and comfort. Hiring a luxury Van does not just mean driving a vehicle designed for long and relaxing journeys, but mainly means to live your voyage in a personal and unique way thanks to an ergonomic level that meets your own needs. The decision to rent a luxury van is first of all a way to simply share an experience of journey and enjoy it. In this case Driverso is your perfect choice as it enables you to easily compare and book your favorite luxury van in just few clicks, you are free to select the option that better suit your needs without waiting for the quotation and the availability check.   Select delivery and drop off date and time and rent a Van in Europe