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Germany is one of the most lively, dynamic and captivating countries in the world, that attracts every year  millions of visitors from all over the world.

This land is rich not only in art, culture and history, but also in natural beauties thanks to its stunning lakes, rivers, forests and astounding panoramas like the spectacular Alpine views or the legendary landscape of the Black Forest.
We are the only luxury platform that allows online booking
We are the only luxury platform that allows online booking
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Luxury Car Rental in Germany

Luxury car rental in Germany

Rent a luxury car in Germany and see the best sights of this vibrant country; it is really exciting to find out the secrets of this beguiling land, aboard a sparkling luxury car. Explore Berlin, the third most-visited city destination in Europe, an important charming and multifaceted city. You can steep into the past taking a look to the remains of the Berlin Wall, visiting  Checkpoint Charlie or again make sure to pass through the grand Brandenburg Gate, the  iconic landmark of the city and  now symbol of unity and peace.


Things to do

Thanks to its abundance of galleries, attractions and museums, there are so many things you can do in Berlin. Every corner in Berlin is unique and exciting, like Potsdamer Platz or Alexanderplatz, the central square that hosts the TV Tower, Berlin's highest construction visible throughout most of the central districts of Berlin.

If you are not only contemplative and love nightlife, you will find plenty of bars and nightclubs throughout the city. Berlin is an important base to reach other important german cities like Frankfurt, Hannover or Munich. Hannover is considered the gateway to the world, the Europe's biggest ports, the perfect mixture of modernism and tradition. Frankfurt is one of the most important financial hubs in Europe, the charming, lively and international city  that thanks to its skyline, is often nicknamed “Manhattan”. During your stay in Frankfurt, don’t forget to taste the famous apple wine in a typical local bar. Don’t forget to visit Monaco, the Bavaria’s capital and the beer capital, home to the world's largest beer festival. This lively city is well known for the annual Oktoberfest and for its soccer team Bayern.

Live the vibrant atmosphere of the city, spend your time drinking beer in the halls, in the gardens or sampling Bavarian dishes. Hire a luxury car in Germany, whether you stay for business or leisure, and discover this legendary land. If you are a night owl, spend your time in Dusseldorf, the charming city located in the Rhine Valley. Dusseldorf’s old town, is one of Germany’s most famous nightlife, home to many locals, bars and bier-halls that are so close each other to have the nickname “the longest bar in the world” . Take your time to sample local specialties like the famous dark beer of Dusseldorf.

To make sure you have the best pleasure during your stay in Germany, don’t wait anymore, rent a stunning luxury car and live your dream now.