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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Driverso?

Driverso is a luxury car rental booking platform operating all over Europe. Through its wide network of qualified Supply Partners, Driverso makes it possible to book from Europe’s largest selection of luxury cars, in any location, at the best prices.

Will I get the exact model that I have reserved?

Driverso guarantees the specific make and model you have reserved.

Can I get my rental car delivered and collected?

Yes, all the qualified Supply Partners offer a bespoke door-to-door delivery and collection service that is included in the total rental price.

General Information

How is my rental car insured?

All rental cars have a third party liability insurance with a minimum coverage amount as per local legislation. All rental cars include CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) or LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) with an excess fee in case of damage to, or theft covered by the security deposit.

Do I need an International Driving Permit (IDP)?

If your driver license is not in the Roman alphabet, an International Driving Permit IN ADDITION to your valid driver license is required.

Can friends or family members also drive my rental car?

Any additional driver will need to be registered in the rental agreement. Additional drivers must be present at time of pick-up and provide a valid driver license and passport ID.  Most qualified Supplier Partners charge a daily fee for additional drivers.

Is there a minimum age for renting a car?

Yes, the qualified Supply Partner requires minimum ages of the Main and additional drivers. The minimum age can differ by country, supplier and car category, and you can find details in the booking form. In most cases the minimun age is 30 for sports and exotic cars and 25 for the others.

Booking Process

How can I make my booking?

To make a reservation, complete the online booking form and click “Book Now”. You will need to provide the Main Driver’s name and contact details in order to complete the Booking Form, and pay the amount as listed to hire the car selected.

Is there a fee for cancelling a reservation?

Driverso charges no fee for cancellations made up to 72 hours prior to the reserved rental start date.

What does a credit card deposit means?

A credit card in the name of the primary driver is required to hold a deposit for the period of the rental. The credit card must have enough credit to withdraw a security deposit which is usually a minimum of an insurance excess payment.

Can I make a reservation in someone else's name?

Yes, you can make a reservation for someone else to be the Main Driver. Please be aware that the Main Driver must be the person who will pick up the car, with a valid credit card in his or her name.

Before Pick-up

How can I make the deposit?

You can make the deposit by credit card only. It must be a valid international credit card in the name of the Main driver as stated on the booking. Neither debit cards nor cash deposits are accepted at time of rent. Details of the Driver Credit Card shall be provided to the qualified Supply Partner promptly upon request and in any event by no later than four working hours (any hour between 9.00am and 6pm Local Time) before the Pick-up Time. Failing to provide the details of the Driver Credit Card within four Working Hours before the Pick-up Time may cause delays in the provision of the Rental Services.

Which documents do I need to present at time of pick-up?

At time of pick-up the Main Driver has to present their driver licence, passport or photo ID and the credit card used to withdraw the security deposit.

What happens if the qualified Supply Partner is not able to withdraw the security deposit?

In the event that the qualified Supply Partner is unable for any reason to withdraw the Security Deposit, it will not deliver the Car and the Driver will not be entitled to a refund.