Rent BMW i8

Renting the BMW i8 means choosing a truly alternative sports car, in fact it is the Bavarian brand's electrical supercar.

The BMW i8 seems to come from the future, thanks to its truly cutting-edge design.
The car seems almost drawn by the wind, as it is tapered, and also has a unique vertical doors opening, which makes it even more special.
The appearance is still that of a true sports car: the front is pronounced forward, the body is wide and the car has a very low ground clearance.
The BMW supercar adopts both an electrical motor and a traditional petrol engine, with the latter having the function of recharging the batteries but also providing energy directly to the car, depending on the driving mode chosen.

The rental of the BMW i8 is like that of a truly nonconformist sports car, but still able to convey the same sensations of a true supercar.

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