Rent BMW Serie 2 Cabrio

Renting a BMW 2 Series Convertible gives the opportunity to drive a compact cabrio, but still able to accommodate up to four people.

The BMW 2 Series Convertible is nothing more than the convertible version of the BMW 2 Series model, also available in two other versions, minivan and coupé.
The German cabrio is a car of high quality, in line with the philosophy of BMW, but combines a compactness that makes it practical to drive. Despite the small size, however, the Monaco cabriolet surprises for the interior space- there are in fact four seats available- to which is added a sophisticated technological equipment.

The rental of the BMW 2 Series Convertible is therefore that of an eclectic car, with a thousand personalities, as sporty as any BMW, compact as a city car and as comfortable as a travel car.

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