Rent a Rolls Royce in Italy

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If you are heading to Italy you should know that this beautiful country is a very interesting tourist destination with a lot of beautiful things to see and do from the North to the South of the “Boot”, so-called for its high-heeled boot shape. 
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Rolls-Royce Ghost
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Rolls-Royce Dawn
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Rolls Royce rental in Italy

The feeling of driving a Rolls Royce has no parallel it's a sense of freedom you have never felt before! Engage all your senses: listen, look, smell and feel your surroundings. Marvel at the impressive mountains, glistening seas and historical monuments. Immerse yourself fully in a convertible car rental in Italy.

Soak up the sunshine and feel the wind in your hair as you take a spectacular Italian journey in a Rolls Royce rental. Italy is home to a wealth of art, culture, gastronomy and landscapes so do not hesitate and head on down to explore.

Enjoy the best of what this diverse country has to offer, whether you want to visit the Colosseum , Roman Forum , Vatican City , Venice Canals or Pompeii, your convertible car hire will get you there.

Your sleek, stylish car is sure to draw some gazing eyes so enjoy the attention and feel like a star during your time there! Or join the stars in the many celeb hot-spots that Italy has to offer - Lake Como, Milan or the Amalfi coast- for an extravagant experience.

Take your car and make the trip to some less known destinations to enjoy the more relaxed side to Italy. Head over to Alberobello, Bergamo , Treviso or Bologna f or a fairytale visit filled with hidden gems.

Things to do

For a romantic get-away, hire one of our cosy two-seater cabrios and take that special person on an unforgettable trip. Head over to Tuscany, home of Galileo, to Stargaze at night with the roof down. Or steer towards Verona, the most romantic town in Italy, known for its tragic love story Romeo and Juliet.

Visit some of Italy's most extraordinary islands: Sardinia, Capri, Elba and Sicily. Feel the salty sea breeze and hear the waves from afar. Make sure to stop over at some of the amazing beaches too. Find the clearest blue waters and picturesque views at Chia Beach Sardinia, Scalo Maestro Marettimo and San Vito Lo Capo Sicily.

Italy is famous for its pizza and pasta dishes but has so much more incredible food on offer. Enjoy the fantastic fine cuisine and mouth watering local dishes. Why not pack a picnic of fresh Focaccia and Prosciutto, then head down to the largest park in Rome Villa Doria Pamphili for a delicious lunch?


Driverso offers you fuss-free travel for your entire stay so do not waste your time organising taxis or waiting for buses. Not only will you save time to explore even more of the wonderful country but you will do it in style.

You choose the time and location to pick-up and drop-off your c ar rental, You may start your journey in MIlan but end it in Palermo and Driverso will make sure your car stays along with you the whole way.

Whether you are looking for a romantic get-away, a family holiday or a trip with your friends, we have the car for you. Browse our collection of luxury cars and choose from a wide range of Rolls Royce models. There is something for everyone at Driverso.

The cost of car hire varies depending on the chosen model.