Luxury Car Rental in Florence

Florence is the regional capital of the Tuscany and one of the most beautiful and amazing towns of Italy. It is considered the cradle of the Italian culture and in 1982 its historical center has been declared World heritage Site by Unesco. Florence is home to many masterpieces of the Renaissance Art and with its museums, galleries and churches it is considered one of the most suggestive cities in the world. Enjoy the best of this incredible city and its neighborhoods by renting a luxury car. Read more

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Hire a luxury car in Florence

You can visit Palazzo Pitti, Uffizi Gallery, the Dome of St. Maria del Fiore with the famous cupola built by Filippo Brunelleschi, or Ponte Vecchio, the ancient bridge built in Roman Times and then rebuilt in the Middle Ages. Many important painters lived in Florence like Cimabue, Masaccio and Giotto. Florence is not only an artistic center but also a sparkling city with a lot of cafes, restaurants and a lively nightlife. Like most cities in Italy, Florence has a renowned local cuisine and it offers a large variety of dishes like the “ribollita”, a typical soup, or the famous Florentine steak. And what to say about its wines?  Superb! You can’t leave the city without tasting a glass of the most prestigious Tuscany’s best wines from Chianti, to Brunello or Montepulciano; There are so many things to do and to see…sit and relax in a café and admire the sunset over the Arno, because every corner in Florence has something unique to offer.

Rent luxury car Florence

Whatever you are in this memorable city for business or leisure, it might worth to capture the beauties around Florence, hiring a prestige car with Driverso  and exploring its countryside or, if you are a wine lover, following an enogastronomic itinerary in the Chianti region to admire marvellous vineyards or wineries; it is really exciting to discover the secrets of this unforgettable and charming city.