Rent Mercedes-benz S 500 Coupè

Renting a Mercedes S 500 Coupé means choosing a high-level car, an exclusive vehicle with a peculiar design. 

In fact, the Mercedes S 500 Coupé has the size of a bid sedan, but combines the looks of a sports car.  
Its profile is really sleek, thanks to the long front and the sloping tail, the latter being a characteristic of every proper coupé. The performances are coupé style, too. The big engine guarantees both great power and fun when preferring a fast driving, but it can be also submissive when driving slow and comfortable. The comfort is also guaranteed by the interiors, which are well-finished, elegant and comfy as the ones of the most exclusive sedan.

Renting a Mercedes S 500 Coupé means getting a car with a double soul, capable of being a real sports, as expected from a coupé, but also able to be comfortable and sophisticated as a flagship.

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